Sunday, October 21, 2018

Beauty in the Fog: Landscape Photographs of Bucks County, Pennsylvania on Foggy Mornings

"The truth is a fog, in which one man sees the heavenly host 
and the other one sees a flying elephant."
-Terry Pratchett

Each season offers different opportunities for landscape photographers in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  As late summer gives way to early autumn, morning fog often makes the familiar appear new and interesting. At times there is a feeling of mystery. At times landscapes take on a lovely pastel tone.  At times the fog combined with the rising sun allows for beautiful silhouettes.  At times the fog alters our "usual" experience of perspective, as bridges and paths seem to disappear into the distance.  At times, as the fog begins the clear, the remaining colors have a unique richness.  What what follows is a small collection of photographs that I took on foggy mornings in Bucks County between late August and early October, 2018.

Lumberville-Raven Rock Bridge in early morning fog.
Lumberville, Pennsylvania.  8/28/18.
Lumberville-Raven Rock Bridge in early morning fog.
Lumberville, Pennsylvania.  8/28/18.
Lumberville-Raven Rock Bridge in early 
morning fog, with a touch of backlighting.  
Lumberville, Pennsylvania.  8/28/18.
Silhouette of the Lumberville-Raven Rock Bridge and a bicyclist in fog,
with backlighting from the early morning sun. Lumberville, Pennsylvania. 8/28/18.
Cabin Run Creek from under the Loux Covered Bridge, in
early morning light.  
Plumstead Township, Pennsylvania.  8/28/18.
Calhoun Street Bridge in early morning fog,
Morrisville, Pennsylvania.  9/16/18.
Washington Crossing Bridge and the Delaware River, in early morning fog. 
Washington Crossing Historic Park, Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania.  9/16/18.
Row of sycamore trees in early morning fog, Washington Crossing State Park, 
Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania.  9/16/18.
The "Trenton Makes The World Takes" Bridges, just 
after sunrise. (from Trenton, New Jersey, looking
back at Morrisville, Pennsylvania.)  9/29/18.
The West Trenton Railroad Bridge in early
morning Fog, Yardley, Pennsylvania.  9/29/18.
The Delaware River and Bowman's Hill in early 
morning fog, Upper Makefield Twp., Pennsylvania.  10/2/18.
Delaware Canal State Park, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  10/2/18.
Frankenfield Covered Bridge and its reflection "framing"
the fall foliage in the 
Tinicum Creek,
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania. (10/2/18).
Frankenfield Covered Bridge reflected in the Tinicum Creek,
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania. (10/2/18).
Blue Heron in Morning Fog along the Delaware Canal
and Towpath, Yardley, Pennsylvania. (10/10/18).
The Delaware Canal and Towpath disappearing 
into morning fog in Yardley, Pennsylvania. (10/10/18).

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