Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September Mornings in Bucks County, Pennsylvania: Landscape and Nature Photographs

I'm a big fan of September mornings in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Temperatures are beginning to cool down and trees show the first hints of autumn.  Morning mist gives landscapes a delicately ethereal quality.  All of the images below are in Bucks County, during the first two weeks of September, 2015.

If you are interested in expanding your photography skills, I will be running a "Bucks County in Autumn" photography workshop (in the field) on Sunday, November 1st.  This should coincide with the peak of fall foliage, and we'll see Bucks County's beautiful rustic landscapes, iconic covered bridges, rolling hills, and more.  Details will be coming soon.  To learn more, follow me on FACEBOOK, or email me at:  To see more of my photographs, visit my WEBSITE or my ETSY SHOP.

Morning view from Calhoun Street Bridge
Morrisville, Pennsylvania.
New Hope-Lambertville Bridge in Morning Mist
View from New Hope, Pennsylvania.
Wildflowers at Sunrise,
Cafferty Road, Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania.
Window and Flower Box
Black Bass Hotel, Lumberville, Pennsylvania
Morning Fishermen on the Delaware River
Seen From Lumberville-Raven Rock Foot Bridge,

Lumberville, Pennsylvania.
Delaware River and Reflection
Delaware Canal State Park,
Virginia Forrest Recreation Area, Solebury, PA.
High Rocks Vista in Morning Mist,
Ralph Stover State Park,
Pipersville, Pennsylvania.
Frankenfield Covered Bridge,
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania.
Rowers in Morning Mist on the Delaware River
Near the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge
View from New Hope, Pennsylvania.
Sweet Dumpling Squash at Styer Orchard,
Langhorne, Pennsylvania.
Morning Light at Delaware Canal State Park,
Virginia Forrest Recreation Area, Solebury, PA

Tohickon Creek,
Pipersville, Pennsylvania.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Summer, Surf, Sand and Sunrises: Early Morning Photographs of the New Jersey Shore

If you mention the New Jersey shore, people may think of busy beaches and all kinds of fun activities:  Swimming, riding bicycles or surreys on the boardwalk, playing miniature golf, or going to the arcade or amusement park.  Their mouths are likely to water at the thought of their favorite shore foods: curly fries, fudge, saltwater taffy, frozen custard, pizza, churros, caramel corn, and the list goes on.

The bustle of an afternoon at the beach or an evening on the boardwalk is quite different from the peaceful, calm beauty of an early morning at the shore.  For photographers, the early morning is wonderful for great light, beautiful sunrises, and endless possible images of sand, water, piers, etc.  I took all of the following images this summer, between late July and the end of August.  I have included photographs from four New Jersey beaches:  Cape May, Ocean City, Atlantic City, and Margate.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunrise and the salty air!  To see more of my photographs, or to purchase a print, visit my online ETSY store HERE.


Cape May:  Boat and Lifeguard Stand
Cape May:  Lifeguard Stand at Sunrise
Cape May:  Victorian House
("The Abbey")

Ocean City:  First Light at the Pier 

Ocean City:  Under the Pier

Ocean City:  Morning at the Pier

Ocean City:  Patterns in Sand
Ocean City:  Bicycle, Boardwalk, Beach and Pier

Atlantic City:  Damaged Pier with Breaking Waves
Atlantic City: Beach and Steel Pier
Atlantic City:  Morning Waves and Sky

Margate:  Pier and Tide at Sunrise
Margate:  Pier at Sunrise
Margate:  Boat, Lifeguard Stand and Pier