Monday, May 7, 2018

Winter into Spring: Black and White Landscape Photographs of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

“Our lives at times seem a study in contrast… love and hate, birth and death, right and wrong… everything seen in absolutes of black and white. Too often we are not aware that it is the shades of grey that add depth and meaning to the starkness of those extremes.”  -Ansel Adams 

As a teenager, I was inspired by Ansel Adams' iconic black and white photographs of the American West.  His work planted the seeds which have grown into a life-long love of photography. While the majority of my current images are in color, certain subjects and weather conditions seem to pull me in a monochromatic direction.  Between December 2017 and April 2018, some of these situations presented themselves.  I photographed our beautiful and historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania in falling snow, bitter cold (in which the Delaware River was frozen), and dense morning fog.  What follows are a series of Ansel Adams-inspired images taken during the past few months.

Patterson Farm in falling snow, Yardley, Pennsylvania (12/9/17).
Calhoun Street Bridge and the partially frozen Delaware River,
Morrisville, Pennsylvania (12/29/17). 
Statue of George Washington crossing the Delaware River, in falling snow, Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania (12/30/17).
Washington Crossing Bridge over the frozen Delaware River,
Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania (1/2/18).
Cuttalossa Road in snow, New Hope, Pennsylvania (1/7/18).
Lumberville-Raven Rock Bridge crossing the frozen
Delaware River,Lumberville, Pennsylvania (1/7/18).
New Hope and Ivyland Railroad, New Hope, Pennsylvania (1/7/18).
Lake Afton and the Old Library in fresh snow,
Yardley, Pennsylvania (1/17/18).
The Delaware River with gathering ice,
Yardley, Pennsylvania(1/20/18).
Patterson Farm in early morning light,
Yardley, Pennsylvania (2/27/18).
St. Andrew's Church reflected in Lake Afton in falling snow,
Yardley, Pennsylvania (3/21/18)
Fonthill Castle after an early April snow,
Doylestown, Pennsylvania (4/2/18).
The West Trenton Railroad Bridge in early morning fog,
crossing the Delaware River, Yardley, Pennsylvania (4/4/18).
Rusty "International Harvester" truck from the 1940s,
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania (4/24/18).
Fence and trees in early morning fog,
New Hope, Pennsylvania (4/28/18).
The Delaware Canal and Towpath disappearing into the early
morning fog, Delaware Canal State Park, New Hope,
Pennsylvania (4/28/18).
The Delaware Canal, Towpath and footbridge in early
morning fog, Delaware Canal State Park, New Hope,
Pennsylvania (4/28/18).
Van Sandt Covered Bridge in early morning fog,
Solebury Township, Pennsylvania (4/28/18).