Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New Orleans in Mardi Gras Season 2017: Photographs of the French Quarter

"Oh when the Saints go marching in
When the Saints go marching in
O Lord, I want to be in that number
When the Saints go marching in..."
(made famous by Louis Armstrong).

My family and I recently spent four days in New Orleans, at the beginning of the 2017 Mardi Gras season.  Much of our evening activity was centered around NBA All Star events, but we still had a great taste of New Orleans:  parades, jazz music, and wonderful cooking, all surrounded by the beautiful and historic architecture.  I had plenty of time (usually in the very early morning, before most of our crew was awake) to walk around and photograph the French Quarter, hours before it got bustling.  

As you look through my French Quarter photographs, enjoy a cup of coffee (preferably a "cafe au lait" from Cafe Du Monde) and have it with some delicious beignets.  If you're ready for something more substantial, perhaps try a bowl of seafood gumbo, or crawfish étouffée, or some jambalaya. For dessert you might try bananas foster or bread pudding or key lime pie.  In any case, here are a few of my new photographs of the French Quarter.

This post is in memory of out wonderful dog, Roger, who died less than a week before our trip to New Orleans.  Roger's sweet, playful, and always friendly disposition brought joy to our family for eight years, and we greatly miss him.

St. Louis Cathedral and the Cabildo in early morning light.
Chartres Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Treme jazz band performing in parade on Bourbon Street.
New Orleans, Louisiana.
"Touchdown Jesus" before sunrise.  Back of the
St. Louis Cathedral.  Pere Antoine Alley (off of
Royal Street).  New Orleans, Louisiana.
French Quarter Balcony with Flower Baskets,
Royal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Homeless man on Bourbon Street.
New Orleans, Louisiana.
Cafe Du Monde, Decatur Street,
New Orleans, Louisiana.
Early morning at the corner of Royal Street
and Ursuline's Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana.
Dixieland jazz performers on Royal Street.
New Orleans, Louisiana.
Bicycle on Toulouse Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.
French Quarter Balcony on Royal Street.
New Orleans, Louisiana.
Washington Artillery Park Cannon, Jackson Square, and
St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Storyville Stompers performing in parade
on Bourbon Street, New Orleans.
Tableau Restaurant in early morning light.
St. Peter Street, New Orleans. 
Ready for Mardi Gras!
French Quarter house, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Mardi Gras Dog.  Royal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Molly's Bar on Toulouse Street, early morning.
New Orleans, Louisiana.
Looking for business?  Doorway on Bourbon Street.
New Orleans, Louisiana.
Statue of Andrew Jackson in morning light (in front of the
St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana).
Silver man with cigarette on Bourbon Street.
New Orleans, Louisiana.
Tujague's and Balconies on Decatur Street in morning light.
New Orleans, Louisiana.