Friday, August 14, 2020

Bucks County Mornings: Landscape Photographs from Spring into Summer 2020

“Every generation leaves behind a legacy. What that legacy
 will be is determined by the people of that generation.
 What legacy do you want to leave behind?” 
John Lewis

Over the past few months, as the Coronavirus pandemic has limited travel and other activities, early morning photography outings in Bucks County, Pennsylvania have continued to provide a break, a change of scenery, and a chance to clear my mind. The collection of photographs below is largely a continuation of my last post (Winter into Spring 2020).  I was fortunate to catch several beautiful sunrises, as well as mornings when low-lying fog blanketed and partially camouflaged the familiar landscapes.  Fog can make the familiar seem like something new.  At times it adds a peaceful and serene feeling, while at other times it adds an element of mystery. On a few mornings, the way in which the fog altered a scene reminded me of an impressionist painting.

This post is dedicated with love to the memory of my mother-in-law, Dr. Paulette Rubin, who died a few weeks ago.  There’s an old saying that you don’t just marry a person, but you marry into a family. I’ve been exceptionally lucky in this regard. Paulette brought love, support, fun and laughter to the lives of her family and friends.  We will all truly miss her.

New Hope-Lambertville Bridge, seen from
Lambertville, New Jersey (4/12/20)

Cuttalossa Creek with Rising Sun,
New Hope, Pennsylvania (6/9/20).

Patterson Farm with Rising Sun,
Yardley, Pennsylvania (6/16/20).

Delaware Canal and Towpath, New Hope, Pennsylvania (6/16/20).

Washington Crossing Bridge in Morning Fog,
Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania (6/21/20).

Monument to General George Washington, in morning fog,
Washington Crossing Historic Park,
Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania (6/21/20).

Sycamore trees in morning fog, Washington Crossing
Historic Park, Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania (6/21/20).

Rowboat in the Delaware River,
New Hope, Pennsylvania (6/21/20)

Sunburst shining through trees between the Delaware Canal and the 
Delaware River, Solebury Township, Pennsylvania (6/23/20).

Monument to General George Washington with Rising
Sun, Washington Crossing Historic Park, 

Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania (6/30/20).

The "Old Library" reflected in Lake Afton, in early
morning sun, Yardley, Pennsylvania (7/5/20).

Patterson Farm in early morning fog,
Yardley, Pennsylvania (7/7/20).

Sycamore Trees lining the road into Tyler State Park, in
early morning fog, Newtown, Pennsylvania (7/7/20).

Delaware Canal and Footbridge in early
morning fog, New Hope, Pennsylvania (7/9/20).

New Hope-Lambertville Bridge crossing the
Delaware River in early morning fog, as seen from
 Lambertville, New Jersey (7/9/20).

Old Fence with haystacks in early morning
 fog, Solebury Township, Pennsylvania (7/9/20).

The rising sun reflected in the Delaware River,
under the West Trenton Railroad Bridge (7/15/20).

Lumberville-Raven Rock Bridge crossing the 
Delaware River, under an early morning sky (7/23/20).

Old shed at Cuttalossa Farm,
Solebury Township, Pennsylvania (7/23/20).

Core Creek Park in early morning fog,
Langhorne, Pennsylvania (7/25/20)

Washington-Crossing Bridge cutting through the
early morning fog over the
 Delaware River,
Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania (8/8/20).

Haystacks, rolling hills mist, and the rising Sun
 in Solebury Township, Pennsylvania (8/11/20).