Friday, December 4, 2015

2015 Year in Review: Josh Friedman's Photographs

As I review some of my photographs from the past 12 months, I can't help but notice the number of bridges, pathways and reflections.   Perhaps some part of me was drawn to these subjects, as this was a year of transitions within our family: our two wonderful sons are growing into young men and they are a continuing source of joy and pride, our older son (Alex) graduated high school and started college, and my 91-year-old father passed away this past July (my parents had been married 66 happy years).  In retrospect, the bridges connect us to our past and future, while the pathways and reflections are indicative of a period of introspection and appreciation.

All of the images below were taken in either Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York.  The majority of them are within 45 minutes of our home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. From the thousands of photographs I have taken during the past 12 months  I have chosen 27 favorites (thanks to my wife Cynthia for her much appreciated help in narrowing down the field). I am curious which images other folks like best. These and many more of my photographs can be seen at my online ETSY shop.  As we cross the bridge into 2016, I wish you all a year filled with peace, fulfillment and happiness.

Lake Afton and the Old Library,
Yardley, PA (Bucks County).
Broad Street and City Hall at Twilight,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The Jersey Shore at Sunrise
Margate, New Jersey.
Roberto Clemente Bridge.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Washington Crossing Historic Park in morning fog,
Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania (Bucks County).
Sunrise Over Lower Manhattan, New York City
View from Jersey City, New Jersey.
Wildflowers at Sunrise,Point Pleasant, 
Pennsylvania (Bucks County).
The Chrysler Building.
Manhattan, New York City.
Frankenfield Covered Bridge in Spring.
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania (Bucks County).
Dogwoods and Stone Fence
Yardley, Pennsylvania (Bucks County).
Autumn Leaves in Cabin Run,
Pipersville, Pennsylvania.
"The Point" at Night
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Bow Bridge in Spring.
Central Park, New York City.
Delaware Canal and Towpath,
Yardley, Pennsylvania (Bucks County).
Patterson Farm in Snow.
Yardley, Pennsylvania (Bucks County).
Philadelphia Skyline.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
New Hope-Lambertville Bridge in Morning Mist
View from New Hope, Pennsylvania (Bucks County).
Windows of Black Horse Tavern,
Newtown, Pennsylvania (Bucks County).
Yardley Railroad Bridge and Delaware River.
Yardley, Pennsylvania (Bucks County).
Fonthill Castle in Autumn.
Doylestown, Pennsylvania (Bucks County).
Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan.
View from "DUMBO", Brooklyn, New York City.
Delaware Canal and Tow Path in Winter,
Yardley Pennsylvania (Bucks County).
High Rocks Visa, Ralph Stover State Park,
Pipersville, Pennsylvania (Bucks County).
Moravian Pottery and Tile Works,
Doylestown, PA. (Bucks County).
Philadelphia Skyline and Schuykill River Trail,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Lake Afton in Autumn,
Yardley, Pennsylvania.
Yardley Railroad Bridge and Delaware River
with Rising Moon.  Yardley, Pennsylvania (Bucks County).