Monday, May 26, 2014

Yosemite National Park in Spring (No. 1)

I recently returned from a "bucket list" five day trip to Yosemite National park.  I am fortunate to have traveled there several times before (most recently five years ago, with my wife and sons).  This recent trip was specifically to photograph Yosemite's magnificent landscapes and nature.  I chose to travel in Spring, in order to see the waterfalls and rivers at their fullest, and to see dogwoods and other wildflowers.  Below are the first ten of my images.  To see more of my Yosemite photographs, click HERE.

Bridalveil Falls at Sunset
Moonrise over Gray Peak (from Glacier Point)
Morning View of Upper Yosemite Falls and Reflection
(from Swinging Bridge)
Tunnel View Silhouette (before Sunrise)
Morning Reflection of El Capitan in the Merced River
Rush of Water:  Merced River at Happy Isles
Half Dome at Sunset (from Yosemite Valley)
Dogwood and Incense Cedar
Half Dome at Sunset (from Glacier Point)
Yosemite Valley at Dusk:  Meadow, Trees and Cliffs 
For most of my time in Yosemite, I was part of  a photography workshop led by GARY HART and co-led by DON SMITH - two extremely talented photographers (and very nice, engaging guys).  Gary has an infectious love of photography, and he consistently put us in "the right place at the right time" (for great light, wonderful vantage points, unique experiences, etc.) The other nine participants in the group were a diverse, interesting, extremely friendly and very skillful group of professionals who shared my enthusiasm for photography and the outdoors.  They not only provided companionship in Yosemite, but we learned a great deal by seeing each other's work.  On my last day in Yosemite, I was extremely lucky to have a private workshop with MICHAEL FRYE.  Michael is one of the present gurus of Yosemite photography, and he wrote several beautiful and extremely useful landscape photography books, including:  The Photographer's Guide to Yosemite


  1. Love the Yosemite photographs!! Sounds like an amazing trip - - lucky you!!! And lucky us to get to be pretend trekkers through the wilds of that extraordinary place!! Thanks, Josh!!! The photographs are sublime and inspiring :)

  2. Josh, your photographs are awesome! You really captured the beauty of this beautiful valley.

  3. Thanks very much. I really appreciate your nice feedback.

  4. Been to Yosimite. Your photos are really amazing.